Start Your Mornings Right

I wanted to share why mornings are so important to me and why I believe they can be a game changer for you!

There is something special about mornings. It is quiet, it is still, there is a calm that surrounds you as you either study or get work done. I believe that time is precious for all of us and if we can create an extra 60-90 minutes by making a hard and less convenient choice by getting out of bed to be productive I think it can truly change your life. For me it is a time of day where I can focus on myself, there is no one asking for something to be done, or demanding my attention. I get to focus on my spiritual connection to God in the morning, I send out emails to those that need to be responded to, and I can also get “ahead” of work that is expected throughout the week. Inevitably when I plan my next day the night before, the early morning hours are seriously responsible for almost half of my days productivity. It is amazing what we can get done when the world and environment around us is “quiet.”

Restart is a huge part of this for me because naturally, like anyone else, I’m tire and sometimes even lethargic in the mornings. I know I need something to get my metabolism started and help me focus in on the immediate tasks at hand. There is no better way for me to start the morning than with some of our Restart either with simply water, or even mixed into my coffee. Just after drinking half of the serving I feel a difference and a shift in my ability to focus and my mood! My mornings are a chance for me to get an edge on the rest of the day and our competition, Restart helps me get the most of that time!