Team FNX - More than you

 I have personally grown up playing team sports my whole life. I love them. To me there is something magical about combining a diverse group of people and creating the ability to chase or embody a common purpose. The more like minded and selfless the members of the team, the greater the success I’ve had in my experiences. Team sports have always been more impactful on my life and in memories vs. individual sports because of the ability to have shared experiences with others. The ability to recall a time, place, game, training session, meal, whatever it is, with someone else is powerful and also unifying. As I think back to times of either great victory or terrible strife I also think about those who were with me in those moments fighting, working, pushing, helping, striving for the win and never giving up no matter what. Not everyone has these memories as we didn’t all grow up playing team sports and for some of us that did maybe those memories aren’t that fond. Not everyone has had great coaches or great teammates as peers. All of this is why we have Team FNX. This is why we have the chance to invite people to be a part of something bigger than just themselves and be an ambassador for our cause. 

Team work makes the dream work. Is it corny? 100%. That’s ok, if you know me personally you are aware of my wide array of 1 liners I’ve accumulated throughout my years. Team, relationships, comradery, brothers, sisters, we, us, these are the reasons for our ambassador program. Our company, FNX, embodies The Fenix. The Fenix is a mythological creature that was destroyed in its nest only to be reborn from the flames into something greater. We will each be able to relate to the Fenix personally and on different levels, but we ALL can relate. Our ambassador program allows us the opportunity to share those stories, share those experiences and to inspire others to share their own. Our struggles, and our transparency as an FNX family have given others purpose and motivation to keep fighting through their own struggles. We want to LiVE in Victory Everyday. If you’ve been with us for a while then you know that each product purchased from FNX donates 1 gallon of water to a village in Ghana where fresh water is scarce. Our vision to help others rise as we rise together. This is even depicted in the word “LiVE”. We leave the “i” in lowercase form to remind us and you to seek and serve first others before looking inward. Our goal is to fuel each of you not just with the highest quality products we can provide but with inspiration, motivation, education and relationships to help others rise to new levels as well. 

Yes, you get an amazing discount to products. Yes, you get a personal code to share and potentially earn a personal income with our company. Yes, you get limited access and special products that aren’t released outside of the ambassador team. Yes, you get opportunities to attend ambassador retreats. Yes, you get access to a private Facebook group of ambassadors across the world. Yet, the best opportunity you get when you join us is to be a part of a team, a part of something new. You get to join a movement that is bigger than you. Help us fuel and inspire the world, let’s rise together.