Team Series Challenge!

Alright FNX fam the CrossFit Team Series is almost upon us! We want to see you guys get out and throw your hat in the ring. What better way to create some fun memories, test your fitness and get slammed by some brutal workouts than with a friend? I personally love competition the most because it always brings the best out of me. It seems as though I can just never give myself permission to be anything less than my best when I know someone else is relying on me, and it is just so much more fun than doing anything alone! You know we are big on community here within our company and so we wanted to incentivize everyone whom is a part of our community to rep it and have a chance for a bigger reward in the end!

We are going to offer $1000 to the top FNX titled RX team and $500 to the top FNX titled Scaled team! All you have to do is put FNX in your team name. You both don’t have to be ambassadors to make this happen or be eligible, so if you don’t know someone else who is one that is ok! Some examples for names maybe “FNX Rise,” “FNX Soar,” “FNX Compete,” “FNX Red,” you get the idea, be as creative as you’d like and keep it PG please you are representing our company to a degree. Makes sure you guys are tagging us in posts on social media, talk about the experience, the workouts, and don’t forget to rep the gear if you’ve got it! We will be reposting and telling your story as much as we can throughout.

The overarching goal here is to highlight our community and have fun! A lot of folks don’t know about the Team Series or how fun it can be, or are simply intimidated by anything that seems like a competition. We’d love to see you grab a friend, have some fun and show the world it’s for everyone no matter your ability, experience or current fitness level! 

  1. Grab a friend
  2. Sign up and Register with “FNX” in your name.
  3. Crush the workouts and follow the submission standards at
  4. Make memories have a great a time!
  5. Maybe win some money!