Thank You

Thank you. Thank you for your curiosity, your commitment, your unwavering support and for your inspiration. I don’t know who will read this blog today, but it’s how I feel. Skyler and I started this company in 2017 and we’ve been rising as a company and as men because of you. Things haven’t always been smooth, trends haven’t always pointed up, and this journey has been far from easy or predictable and yet we are grateful. Some of you have purchased with us because you were curious about the products or your own personal fitness journey. Some of you bought products because you knew they were the best you could find and you needed to prioritize your fitness, health and recovery. Some of you purchased because you simply wanted to support some good dudes and the brand they created, perhaps you saw something in our brand and purpose that resonated with you. No matter why you came or what brought you here, thank you! 

Gratitude isn’t something that comes easily to most of us. For some it's natural, easy and matter of fact and for others (me included) it takes intention to look around, slow down and be grateful. Our priority as a company has been and will always remain to encourage, challenge and inspire everyone to rise up! We want you to desire more, we want you to have a vision greater and more ambitious than others think you should have. We want you to set audacious goals for your life, your family, your fitness and performance. We want your daily actions to reflect those goals. But, you’ll never be fulfilled, you’ll never recognize your real purpose and enjoy this journey without first looking around and being grateful for what you do have. 


Thanksgiving is close. This year has been hard for some and will get harder for others. This year may have been your best year, and yes there is time for it to get even better! We all find ourselves in different spots. The holidays can be a gift or a curse, not all of us humans have families to pull us in close or great memories to cling to. With that said, we all have things to show gratitude for. If you are reading this there is already a list of things you can slow down and have or show appreciation for, a list which I won’t rattle off but I’m sure you can. No matter where you are now or where you aspire to go and no matter where you have been, the good, the bad, the ugly there’s reason to give thanks. I’m grateful for you and I hope you’d say the same for me, even if only for this write up. Go on giving thanks if even for the smallest and most basic of needs you find being met. 

If you are one of those folks feeling full of joy, feeling full of gratitude please consider those struggling. Some may not have your perspective, opportunity or perhaps awareness to feel the same. Reach out, check in on others, the world is bigger than those in your family. And remember those rise highest who lift others as they go.