The Benefits of Multivitamins

Consistency wins. This is why we have chosen to bring back the multi vitamins for men, women and now including children! The day in and day out decisions that we make to invest in our health and wellness are what ultimately help peak our optimal performance and help chase new heights of emotional happiness. As you may know, a child’s appetite can be limited to the calorie dense and most often the processed style foods. The downside to this is that many of these foods are least nutrient dense and don’t include many vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy brain and body development. Our multivitamin gummies are delicious and will supplement your child with their daily needs of nutrients in an enjoyable form! 

Our multi vitamins include some of the basic staples that you can imagine. The list of general ingredients in all 3 include:

Vitamin A- bone health, vision, protects against some cancers

Vitamin C - immunity, eye health, cardiovascular, prevents the common cold 

Vitamin B6- improves mood, anxious feelings 

Vitamin D - Bone health, lung function cardiovascular health 

Vitamin E - antioxidant that promotes longer cell life, and reduces oxidative damage

Folate - provides what's needed to build red and white blood cells, aids in our ability to use carbs as fuel

B12- increases white blood cells, fight against virus and pathogens

Iodine- cognitive functioning, thyroid health 

Zinc - Immune function, growing, wound healing

Inositol- (insulin sensitivity)  Inositol can affect the neurotransmitters in your brain, including serotonin. High doses may be beneficial for treating some forms of anxiety disorders, such as panic disorders. However, mixed results have been reported, and more research is needed.


Men’s Multi Vitamin

Male Support blend: 

Lutein- prevent oxidative stress and help with glutathione production.

Lycopene - promotes heart health and reduces risk of certain types of cancers.

Stinging Nettle Extract - anti inflammatory, it can reduce enlarged prostate symptoms, and lower blood pressure. 

Palmetto - increase testosterone levels, reduce hair loss, reduce inflammation



Women’s Multi Vitamin

Female Support blend: 

Wild Yam Extract - “natural” alternative to estrogen therapy

Clover Extract - bone density support 

Cranberry Extract - blood sugar control, fights UTI’s, boosts immunity and fights stomach ulcers

Lipoic Acid - increase insulin sensitivity, enhances metabolism

Both the men’s and women's capsules are packed with much more but these are what set them apart from one another. As men and women the primary differences in our needs are based on our bodies production and usage of testosterone and estrogen, both of these are emphasized with the support that is unique for each blend. Take two capsules a day and enjoy the benefits of extra energy, boosted immunity, sex drive and performance physically and mentally. 

These are staples we all need to include in our routines. Consistency wins.