The Benefits of Rebalance Superfood Blend

Life is all about homeostasis. To be exact: the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes. Truly, that is the body's most basic responsibility; to create balance across energy systems and molecular function. What we often don’t account for are our daily actions and activities that create imbalance in many of those processes. Our hustle and bustle, on the go, scale everything lifestyles have cost us health and longevity by way of our habits and even the way we make food. We designed Rebalance to create balance in your life and specifically in your gut!


Rebalance is a product for each and every human walking the earth. It comprises a 5 grass blend of barley, alfalfa, kumut, oat, and wheatgrass giving it a diverse and nutrient dense base of greens. In fact that combo alone, in one scoop gives you more than your needs of vegetables for the day! But the grass blend isn’t what makes this product so amazing. Rebalance is grown in the Uintah Sea Basin here in Utah which makes it local and it is also organic. It is not processed at high temps which allows those ingredients to sustain much of their original benefits from the raw harvested form. The “X” factor though is our 17 strain digestive enzyme blend! This blend of ingredients influences the growth of a healthy gut lining to allow for optimal digestion and absorption of all the food that you consume through the day.
The straight forward answer on why Rebalance is great for anyone is that it optimizes everything else. Improved sleep, more energy, consistent digestion, and a stronger immune system are all reported results with day to day consumption of our greens product. While all these things are great, no product is worth its salt if you don’t want to take it daily. Our flavor profiles are unmatched and are guaranteed for enjoyment. Just like anything good in life, consistency is what creates worth while results and you’ll have no problem wanting to take your daily greens with Rebalance!