The Harshest Critic

No one can want it more than you. 

Whatever it is. 

Whatever that one thing is that you desire. It could be a championship, money, fame, recognition, or greatness in general. Your spouse, your parents, your friends, your siblings, your boss, none of these people can want it more for you, than you want it for yourself. 

There are many people I’ve encountered in life that could have found something else to chase more passionately if they’d simply had this self reflection long ago. 

Does your coach or mentor want greatness for you? That’s great, unless they want it more than you do. 


You must be your harshest critic. You must have the highest expectations. You must have the greatest curiosities, you must have the willingness to go the extra mile. 

I’m a coach. I see this often. Trust me when I say, those in pursuit of real greatness are far harder on themselves than I ever am. These athletes often need me to say that they are doing great, and that they are doing enough. This is the case because those obsessed with greatness can’t help but wonder what else they could be doing and how much better they could be doing it. 

This same gift of passion can be a curse. Being the biggest critic of oneself can create an internal opposition in the form of self doubt that can be debilitating. Then where will you go? 

I’ve equally seen great athletes, with great work ethics and great potential create obstacle after obstacle for themselves. The phrase “I’m my own worst enemy” is a very real thing. 


So which is better? Well only one can be successful. The athlete that is their own harshest critic is the one that has the potential to be a champion. But that potential can only be recognized when they have the ability to be led, and the ability to trust and the simple ability to tell their own mind when to shut up. 

The doubts will always be present. Do your best, it’s enough.