There is No Better Time than Now

Right here, right now is the only time we are guaranteed. How arrogant and foolish would it be of me to assume I shouldn’t do something like hug my wife, or tell her I love her because…well I guess I can just do it "tomorrow." But what if "tomorrow" doesn’t come for me? Would I dare risk missing out on that opportunity? Never. Well, the same goes with our very own hope and dreams and the tasks we must execute to make them happen. How many of you reading this have decided you were going to make a drastic change in our life? Or how many of you decided you were going to go for something bigger or something more than you currently have or had your aim set upon? Now, how many of you said that you’d do it "tomorrow” or maybe “next week?” And again, how many of you still haven’t followed through? I ask those questions because they have to be addressed. We put off hard things, we try to make our lives as convenient as possible and we want to plan everything and develop strategy so things can be more easily executed. But what if this is a fault? What if we wait too long? What if "tomorrow" never comes? What if "tomorrow" is a harder day to start than TODAY? Why wait?

If not now, then when? This is a question someone once asked me. And like many one liners, it is a bit cheesy but it hits home. There will ALWAYS be a more convenient time to act on our passion, or plan for some kind of change. But those who truly find success act now! Don’t wait. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become something more by believing it can wait. If acting now scares you or seems like it will shake up your life too much, then you better believe that’s exactly why you should! 

This is something that can be practiced. Here are simple ways to apply this method into your day to day life. When things need to be done, do them. In the morning make your bed, right when you get up. When you walk by the sink and dishes should be put into the dish washer, put them in! Don’t put it off, do it now! When laundry needs to be folded, don’t wait, sit down or stand there and do it! We put off basic tasks and wait until time is more convenient or we can plan for it, but we are only revalidating procrastination. After a while these small “harmless” decisions become how we make big decisions that truly impact the lives of those around us and our own future. And I know what you are thinking, those things aren’t a big deal. Well in themselves they aren’t but they start to reflect who are…and if you procrastinate those things, you will do it in other aspects as well. 

If how we do anything, is how we do everything…then how are we really doing? I need to reflect on this as much as any. I hope this hits home for us all this week. Let’s be better. "Tomorrow" isn’t promised, let’s act on the now, it is all we can control!