Train Relentlessly

We have something for you if you are hoping to take your training to the next level. I’m specifically pumped about this product launch because I started demoing it last spring. I personally started taking 5 grams of Beta Alanine each day 8 weeks from the CrossFit Games this year and I noticed a significant increase in my ability to perform for short to moderate intervals and keep my power output high. It helped me increase my overall strength, power and of course recoverability between sets and efforts. Over the 8 week period, because this product helped me delay the of feeling “fatigued” or the “burn” in my muscles, it simply helped me do more work and do it with more speed and intensity. Taking something like Relentless is a game changer for anyone whether you are looking to increase your performance, lose body fat or gain body mass as muscle, and even for those of us that simply want to look better naked. 

Relentless provides you with the ability to do more work within each working set and within each training session. Beta Alanine helps create more carnosine which is the buffer of lactic acid in our bodies. Lactic acid is produced during working sets or intervals that last anywhere from 10 to 90 seconds, which is most sets in the gym that range from 5-20 reps. The presence of more carnosine allows you to experience the fatigue build up and muscle burn much later in your set, therefore allowing you to achieve more before slowing down or reaching a point of failure. It also helps you buffer lactic acid faster between sets, so that you feel more fresh for the next one you are preparing for. 


I commonly take it prior to my training sessions but Relentless can be taken at any point throughout the day. Most athletes prefer to take it around their workouts either before or after. The most important part about this product to get the best results is to take it daily for weeks at a time. Most studies show that the longer and more consistent one takes Beta Alanine the better the results. 

Beta Alanine can be stacked and mixed with any and every one of our products. Most commonly athletes prefer to mix it with their Recharge prior to workouts or with their Recover or Refuel post workout! I’ll be honest, my favorite way to take it is to dry scoop it with a swig of water just before I start my warm up! The reason it is most commonly taken prior to workouts is because people enjoy the “tingling” sensation that it can give us and make them feel “ready” to train! 


We named this product Relentless because it is designed for people who don’t back down from challenges. This product doesn’t just give you muscles, it doesn’t just give you an advantage in performance, you have to WORK for it. But this product is the catalyst to equipping you with the proper muscle PH levels in order for you to maximize that WORK! This is the secret to you achieving your next level of goals, whatever it is that you are seeking. HIIT, CrossFit, prepping for the stage of a show, it doesn’t matter Beta Alanine will allow you to be attack your goals and be Relentless as you do.