Tuesday Tip: Plyometrics Week 3

This week guys we are into week 3 of our plyometric focus! We are going through the single leg triple jump and the depth jump! Both of these drills are valuable but should be done in low volume with high intensity.

The single leg triple jump is all about accuracy and building speed and power the more jumps we do. In jump one you should only really be building momentum, right as you land you should accelerate up and forward even more into jump two and jump three should be your furthest of the 3! On the final jump it is ok to land on both legs and even suggested so we reduce the wear and tear on the knee joint that would normal receive the full load. The idea here is that each time we struck the ground we are trying to keep our contact time as short as possible. Because we want to land and immediately spring away it is very important to only jump as far as you know you can while still sustaining control! Our goal for a drill like this is 3-4 sets on each side. 

The depth jump can be done on something as low as a 10-12’ box and high as 40’ inches for those that have built there way to that kind of force and load over years. This drill should also be treated with care. Start on something short and build as you go. The goal here is to step off the box and immediately upon landing jump as far up and out as possible in order get the best broad jump as you can. Due to the violent redirection of energy we are putting a greater stretch reflex on our lower body joints and in turn getting a much more potent physiological adaptation almost as if we were under a large load! Remember for drills like today it is better to be fast and explosive than to be searching for ways to make it harder. Be sure to fully recover between reps and sets to keep your movement quality and productive!