Tuesday Tip: Plyometrics Week 4

This is our final week of the plyometric series for the Tuesday Tip of the week!

We dive into specifically the Medball squat jump toss, which to many of you will seem quite like a thruster type action. This movement is a traditional down up tempo but as we accelerate the load up, we keep going as we jump and toss the ball as high as possible. Do not worry about catching the ball, simply let it bounce then patiently reset. The goal is for you to be able to generate maximal force so we can have the highest toss possible each rep!

The next drill is a lateral based drill that will take us outside of our usual frontal place path we like to travel in so much. We will do a lateral bound where we want to execute a movement that looks similar to a lateral shuffle except now each rep should go as far and as high as possible. The goal of the drill is to never cross your feet or click your heels. We will try to spend as little time on the ground as possible between jumps and cover a maximal distance with minimal jumps as possible.

Have fun and remember these are great accessory movements to add in before you get in to the meat of your training session. Enjoy!