Wednesday Challenge: 1000 Push-Ups in an Hour

This challenge is very different than the previous one gang! We decided to see how many push ups we could get in an hour during our lunch break one Friday….it was fun! We initially as a group had a goal of 1000 push ups and wanted to see who could possibly hit it, if any of us. You’ll need to actually watch the video to see how many we get and how successful we are or ARE NOT. You’ll see several different strategies in the video. Some tried to hold the pace needed to make 1000 happen (which is 17 push ups a minute basically) and I personally just approached it as an overall AMRAP not counting at all just making check marks every 10 push ups completed. 

Grab some friends play some good tunes and get some gains! 

If you want in on this challenge, prove your score and if you break 1000 you get a free Renew (Krill oil) because well…Skyler thinks you’ll need it.