Wednesday Challenge: Plate Jumps

Here is your FNX Challenge of the week! We introduce the #FNXjumpchallenge ! This week the goal is to accomplish as many jumps as possible in :30 seconds! It is short and sweet but burns in a fun way. Men are to jump onto  roughly a 25lb. plate and ladies onto a 15lb. plate, the rules are simple in that you have to actually “jump” this is not a step up challenge and that both feet have to clearly land on top of the plate each rep for it to be successful. The male with the highest score and the female with the highest score will come away with some FNX Recharge sent to your front door step! So use the hashtag  #FNXjumpchallenge and step up to the challenge! Tag some friends to challenge as well and lets see who the fastest jumper is! 

We know that plyometrics are a great training tool! It is essentially “jump training” that can create a similar stimulus to increase power, explosion and even strength that training with free weights and heavy loads can create. There are many ways to incorporate “plyometrics” into your training regime. You can jump high and take maximal reps between efforts or you can create a stimulus of quick jumping under duress while still having the goal of maximal speed. The ladder is what we did in this video!  As you build up general strength in your lower body and can squat and lunge relatively well with quality, then you are ready to incorporate plyo’s into your training 2-3 days a week! These are best done after your warm up is complete and before most of your strength training begins, you want your body as fresh as possible so the power output and intensity is as high as you can make it!