Muscle Up Progression Week 3

Alright peeps, we have made into week 3 of our progressions for ring muscle ups. A big thing I want you to take away is that, you don’t need to be practicing muscle ups in their full to improve them. Through the course of this 3 week series I hope you have been exposed to some drills you were already familiar with and some you never thought to use. The goal is to use the 8-9 I’ve presented as often or as frequently as you want in varying rep schemes and tempos. Just like we train our general fitness, variance can be a valuable tool in preparing for a specific task. Get creative on your own as well and make up and discover new drills!

The biggest error that most athletes make is just jumping up on the high rings and going for a muscle up and failing, and doing it time after time after time. The high rings are our test, we prepare by doing homework and skill work just like in school. To prepare, spend time doing drills that will strengthen your limitation in the muscle up, spend time on low rings, spend time holding “weak” positions and spend time working the nuances of the transitions and false grip that are often over looked!

Many people assume they need to get stronger to get their first strict ring muscle up and while that is true for many, it is not true for all athletes. Practicing the technicality of a controlled and clean transition through the rings will lead to breakthroughs in your ability to do 1 and also learn to string them together!

Keep practicing and tag us in your muscle up work! Rise Up!