What It Really Means to Surrender

Surrender is a word that is often looked down upon. We often only hear about it being a negative thing when it comes to competition or life, as if surrender means to lose. I want to challenge that generic thought today and make it something we should WANT to do. To surrender means to let go, or give control of. And from what I have seen for those who live life most fulfilled while being successful they thrive with being surrendered. Let’s not be confused, I’m not saying submit or give up or don’t chase your dreams and goals with all you have, in fact it is the opposite.

Your main goal when chasing an objective is to be able to surrender your trust to your hard work. This is much easier said than done. People who worry and stress, are not surrendered. In fact they are likely worried about several things that are out of their control, and sadly some are worried about things within their control that they didn’t attack with full effort and full focus. My goal is to be able to attack everything within my own control so hard, that I am freely able to surrender my trust of the outcome to the hard work that I have put in. Surrender is my goal. As I journey forward to going after something with all my heart I must first see what it will take on my end to achieve it. I blindly chase those things, asking what else can I truly be doing, I find them, I take them or do them or whatever it takes…..and then I rest. Most people never reach the state of “rest” or “ease” because they haven’t blindly obsessed over that 1 thing enough to trust that they did EVERYTHING THEY COULD in order to have it. I want you to realize that is what keeps most people from ever reaching surrender.

Have a dream, goal, find out what it will take to achieve it. The hard part now comes to you in actually being responsible and committed enough to do all the things you can in your control to achieve the task. At that point in time, you’ve no longer left anything up to chance. When you do all you can, you do your best, and the only result is that you weren’t good enough or that it simply wasn’t meant to be. (This is the scary part to fully commit for some people and will be another topic in another email). When  you are able to come to this point, you are stress free, at ease, or at rest as I call it with whatever happens in the end. This to me is freedom and happiness. When I can surrender my goals and desires of my heart to my hardworking I’m not worrying, my mind isn’t racing, I’m not pacing…..because I’ve done all I could do. The rest of the equation is now out of my control, it will be or it will not. 

My hope is that you attack every possible way to reach your dreams or current goals. This will create the freedom for you to let go and surrender your stress, anxiety and fears to the hard work that you’ve put in. Then you will get to experience the results (win, lose or drawl) as a champion should, knowing you gave everything.