Who Should Take Creatine?

Creatine, you’ve heard of it, but what do you really know? It is the most studied supplement out there. We know that it impacts the far majority of people who take it by giving them more energy to train and improve recovery. With these to considerations and difference in your day to day training, imagine the results over time.

I, myself, hadn’t taken creatine for over a year and am currently amidst a 6 week period where I want to track my fitness and lifts and see what it can do for me. I will be sharing the results and what my experience was like. My goal as making this the Tuesday tip of the week is to encourage to look into it as a supplement. See if it makes sense to be in your regiment of supplements to take and and know why! The truth about creatine is that it is for everyone, even outside of “in the gym” results we know that it even can improve cognitive function, and memory, who doesn’t want those gains?!

Go look into Rebuild, order up, join me on the gains train, don’t get left behind.