Working from home solution!

We are at a time in life that none of us saw coming! All of us are stuck at home balancing our traditional life with our work life. This has created an obstacle for many families, parents and even single entrepreneurs and employees. Whether you have been working from home for a while before the quarantine or you are just new to it, we are now all in the same boat! 


One of the biggest challenges to working from home is minimizing the distractions. The best way to do this is to keep a solid routine for your work day. Although you don’t have to go anywhere or have “in person” meetings you should still wake up and get ready “as if” you are. The reason behind that is it can provide a time for your mind and body both to prepare for work. If you have to answer or send emails for hours, or be on the phone or maybe even do design work, whatever the task of your job you need to be prepared to do it. Getting ready in the morning and having a specified routine before starting work vs. just rolling out of bed to your phone or laptop can help tremendously. You may notice that it helps you work faster and more efficiently! 

The other major struggle for people when working from home is energy! Our place of living just has this unique ability to make us “unwind” and be in “relax” mode, how do we avoid this? Well for some it’s as easy as having a 6th or 9th cup of coffee but we know that simply isn’t the best choice when it comes to optimizing neither our health or our cognitive focus. My first suggestion is of course that you get up and move! While most people correlate exercise with fatigue and being tired or sore, it will bring an immediate endorphin kick and brain focus that can stir ideas and an ultimate surge of productivity.


My follow up suggestion is to take our Restart or Recharge! These products are the ultimate way to charge up your body, brain and work load. They're perfect for keeping you focused and providing you energy for any work task yet not creating too much CNS (Central nervous system) fatigue or feelings of jitters or anxiousness and are designed with the mid day lull in mind for the employee’s, bosses and entrepreneurs out there. We know how important it is to lead a meeting after lunch, or how hard it is to stay focused and attentive when the work day is 2 hours from finishing and that is why we suggest you have it on hand. Recharge even comes in single serving stick packs that you can easily add to water anywhere even if you are driving and need a pick me up, simply drop it in your water bottle! 

So the answers to our working from home problems seem to be clear, we just need to apply them. Set a schedule. Get “ready” for work. Move throughout the day or have a mid day workout. And stay stocked with a Restart or Recharge drink after or with your lunch and smash the remainder of the day ahead! Rise up, Rise together!