You are not getting enough!

Protein. That is the answer. There is a high chance that you are not getting enough protein in your diet in order to actually fuel lean muscle GROWTH. We all have heard that protein is important, but how much should you actually get? There is a balance between taking in a macro nutrient like protein at adequate amounts and not over consuming, am I right? The answer is actually, no. The common man and woman assume the goal to consume protein is right around 1.2-1.7 grams per kilo of body weight in order to gain muscle mass. That is not correct. While there are studies that share those amounts, those studies are based on “MAINTAINING” muscle, and not growing muscle. It is exponentially harder and more time consuming to gain muscle and actually grow and create new tissue than it is to lose something like body fat. 

With this considered, protein consumption is like the lowest hanging fruit in what “needs to change” in order for you to see the results you want. Yes, you can eat skeletal muscle in the form of chicken, fish, beef, ect. But can you consume enough to keep the GAINS flowing? That is the most important question. In order to gain muscle you should be roughly consuming 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight that you carry. If you want to get specific a bit more and you are also focused on burning body fat then you should be consuming at least 1gram of protein per pound of lean body mass you have. If you are in dire need of protein and weight gain you should optimally be consuming 1 gram of protein per pound of your DESIRED BODY WEIGHT. This will help you eat and train into this physique. 


Refuel, Resilience, Reform (vegan), Restart, Retire are all great additions to your other protein consumption. These protein products are all designed to fit with your lifestyle, schedule and training goals. Refuel and Reform are amazing snacks between meals, mix amazing with shakes and also are featured as our primary post workout solutions to muscle tissue breakdown and new muscle growth. Resilience is our very unique collagen protein. This product does wonders for your hair, skin, nails and even joints but what sets our collagen protein a part is that we added 3 grams of leucine. Leucine in addition to our collagen blend, adds what is actually a necessary part in building lean body mass and aiding in recovery! There isn’t another collagen protein on the market quite like it. Competitors don’t include the studied amount of the leucine in their product, not high enough to influence muscle growth. Restart is designed to be taken with your breakfast to give you that additional energy and focus for everyday while also absorbing 23 grams of whey protein and probiotics for your gut! And lastly Retire is the best way for all of us to end our long day of work and play and hopefully training. This product has 12 grams of casein protein that is slowly released throughout the night to help your body stay in a state of anabolism (building/ growing) through it’s longest period of fasting in a 24 hour period. It isn’t just the slow release protein that is amazing about retire though, it also has tryptophan to help you fall sleep and stay asleep as well as valerian root to help you calm your body and prepare for a deeper slumber. 


So, are you getting enough? Enough protein to gain muscle? Enough protein to help you recover so you can keep training hard to reach your goals? You may be, but I’d challenge you to think again.