You aren't drinking enough water at home!



Hydration is key to optimal health and performance! While we are all staying at home we are more likely to drink LESS water due to the change in our daily schedule and responsibilities. Many of you are likely choosing to survive off 5 cups of coffee, a couple cups of juice or maybe even soda and call it a day. Ok, maybe you use water to mix in your FNX products I suppose. But the reality is that when we don’t go anywhere for work and no longer take a water bottle into the gym, we don’t consume as much water. The problem with being dehydrated may not be obvious to you which is why I chose to write on this topic specifically. 

You don’t have to be outside, you aren’t training for any specific endurance or “hard” training event, and you don’t live in a climate where burning in the sun, so what’s the big deal right? Wrong, there are several issues here and some are bigger than you realize. 

During this state of quarantine our mental and physical health must be a priority in order to keep our immune system strong and help us stay sane! When you enter even into mild states of dehydration you create issues that aren’t only physical but also mental. When we don’t consume enough water we become irritable more quickly, we can experience headaches (especially with increased screen time due to work or entertainment while being stuck at home). With mental health being on the top of everyone’s concern as we are separated from loved ones, friends and fun activities it is important to minimize mental or emotional struggle. We can combat this with simply drinking more water. 

Physically  we can also experience chronic fatigue. Even though our activity levels may be lower than normal we can feel tired all day long if we don’t get enough H20! Do you find yourself more hungry than normal? Making more trips to the pantry or the fridge? Well, this is also a symptom of dehydration, water can be a great satieter for “gut” fullness. When we drink enough water we can experience less sweet cravings and help stave off snacks between meals. 

Ok, we understand it’s a bad thing but now what do we do? A good goal is to drink a glass of water with every meal, optimally 8-12 ounces, with each snack and first thing when you wake up. Aside from that, when you are thirsty during/ after training or through the day just drink when you feel the need! We do know that water intake differs from person to person and there is no specific prescription for healthy hydration levels but if you can apply the suggestion from this paragraph you’ll be good to go!

When it comes to performance however, hydration is everything! Struggle with muscle cramps or dehydration during the hot months or high physical strain? It’s important to know “more water” is likely not the answer! We can drink all the water in the world, but that could also lead to more cramps and more fatigue. There is such a thing as “too much water” which is something we also want to avoid.  You need electrolytes! That is why we designed a product like Refresh! It comes in stick packs that are convenient for on the go training or at home. Each stick is packed with zinc, magnesium, sodium, potassium and other essential electrolytes that will aid in recovery and performance under the hot sun! For those of you who know you struggle with water consumption in general Refresh acts as a great “add in” to your water to make it more palatable or desirable throughout the day. The coconut lime flavor gives you that little bit of beach and summer we are all looking forward to no matter where you are!