You Aren't Maximizing Your Training!

You are under recovered and flat when it comes to performance and muscle tone. Did you know that? And do you know why? I’ll be the honest one and tell you, lack of electrolytes and carbs. So many people are chasing a better physique and or weight loss in the wrong ways and it’s killing their progress. No carbs and no sodium is not the answer to a better physique or optimal performance in the gym. 

It’s summer in most of the world, this increases sweat secretion by double for most people vs. the winter. Are you doing anything to balance this loss of electrolytes and water? Most people aren’t and it is slowing their progress in and outside of the gym. Sodium and potassium are essential components for muscle recovery and function. When we are depleted of these electrolytes we begin to feel sluggish, fatigued and can even suffer from cramps and spasms. The worst part is that it doesn’t just deter us from optimal performance in the gym while training, it actually inhibits our ability to recover from session to session and day to day. 

The other problem is that you are working hard to build lean body mass and burn fat, yet you aren’t fueling properly. Many people are going into the gym fast (I don’t blame you for liking to train on an empty stomach), but it can kill your gains and performance when not approached properly.  Our muscles are primarily fueled by glycogen in our muscles themselves, we hope to keep this source of energy topped off and plentiful. This actually doesn’t just help with performance and recovery but it even helps with the overall appearance of our body. When we are full of glycogen and have a good balance of food intake the rest of the day, we have more of “pop” to our muscles, a better “pump” in the gym and an overall better physique, which is what most of us are chasing. 


We have a solution for you, in one product. Reburst! It is our intra workout carbohydrate, electrolyte and EAA supplement! We launched this product initially a few months back and it has become one of our best sellers! Due to demand we are excited to be launching two new flavors to go along with our original “Fruit Punch”. We have 2 new flavors: “Arctic Blast” and “Lemon Lime”. If you grew up a big fan of Gatorade or currently fuel that around your workouts, you can throw it away and replace it with something that will drive the stimulus to the results you seek. Reburst contains 18 grams of intra workout carbs (Dextrose) that will keep your glycogen levels topped off and muscles “popping”. It includes 250 mg of sodium and 150 mg of potassium to aid with hydration and balance electrolyte loss through your sweat. And lastly it contains our FNX EAA blend which contains 7 grams of essential amino acids to aid in the prevention of catabolism and support muscle growth/recovery! 

For maximum results take 1-3 scoops during or after each training session or throughout the day.