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Monster Benefits

47% off Monster Mentality Bundle

Daily Scores through our app

Free Nutrition consult w/ nutrition coach

Chance to win $5,000

Daily Workouts (weights or body weight)

Monster Mentality Bundle

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Rise 45 Coach: Danial Hooper

Hey I’m Danial and I’m here to fill your needs and help you accomplish your goals with the FNX Rise 45 Program!I’d love to help you reach your fitness goals with Rise 45

e: danial@fnxfit.com

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Monster FAQ

Is there a specific diet to follow?

No. You get a chance to customize this aspect of your habits. Each of us have different goals and we should be able to fuel to meet those goals. You will be asked to commit a specific practice and stick to it, but that is up to you!

Do I have to do the workouts provided?

No. We wanted to provide a program that anyone could follow so that no one has any reason not to succeed! If you have a program you are following or specific training goals then keep doing those!





Is there nutrition coaching throughout the challenge?

Yes, there can be. You will get a chance to be on a call with our nutrition coach Gina Delucia as a consultation to give you ways to begin. But an in depth relationship, week to week coaching and check in’s will come at an additional cost. It will be provided for anyone who is interested!

What if I don’t go to a gym?

We have a program you can follow from home with no equipment! So you’ll have the ability to still get the “training” portion accounted for as you develop the other habits!

Can I participate if I’m new to working out?

Yes! Each individual can follow their own plan from home, from their own gym or from another online platform. And all of the workouts we provide can be scaled to be easier to meet you where you are at in your fitness journey!

How do I win the $5,000.00 cash prize?

Score the maximum amount of points throughout the 45 days! Be accountable, be honest and of course submit the pre and post photos as evidence of your hard work. Based on the goals you set to begin and evidence we see in the photo’s plus the scoring submissions daily, we will pick the winner!

What results can I expect in 45 days?

I lost 10 lbs in the first 15 days. But I’m a loser.

I mean... I’m fast at losing weight.

After that, my weight maintained while the shape of my body responded amazingly. I didn’t commit to a typical diet. I cut alcohol out for 45 days. Inflammation went down, muffin top tightened, and my sleep became more productive. I grew a butt again! For me, habit building was about building the habit of saying “no” to a drink at the end of the night, and “yes” to reading more of my Bible in the morning. “

What if I don’t know what habits to build

Start simple. Our goal can’t be to reinvent a wheel. The goal is to do something basic and maintainable. Smart, even. (S)pecific. (M)easurable. (A)chievable. (R)ealistic. (T)imely.

Don’t try to pick up a habit of climbing Mount Everest. That’s a lofty goal, but not a habit. Instead, aim to build a habit of going to bed at 9:30pm and waking up at 6:00am everyday. Ahem, that’s two results of one habit. Push to hit that 45 out of the next 45 days. But admit to yourself that 41/45 can still grade out to an A.

I was always a B+ student, myself. Habit building is short term persistency for long term consistency.”