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FNX Ambassador Benefits

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Our goal is to be the fuel in your fitness fire. As the Phoenix (the meaning behind our FNX name) rose from the ashes and continues to inspire us today, we too want to inspire you to do more, to be better and to rise up everyday. Join us in this mission by becoming an ambassador today and securing your lifetime discount!

other benefits include

✓ 25% Off our products for life

✓ Access to ambassador products

✓ Exclusive early product testing

✓ Access to your ambassador dashboard

✓ Custom coupon code to share

✓ Access to ambassador Facebook group

✓ 10% Commissions for life

✓ 15% off for your followers

✓ Access to our ambassador tools

"Being an FNX Ambassador has brought me into a community I didn't even know I needed! "



"FNX has changed the game for my nutrition and I'm so excited to be part of the team"



"getting back in the gym is my goal everyday. to have something that motivates me to do that has been huge."