2/3 Victory Club Workout

Warm-Up - 


12 minute flow

Walking Lunge x 25ft. 

Inch worm x 25ft.

Bear Crawl Forward x 25ft.

Bear Crawl Backward x 25ft.

Lateral Bear Crawl x 25ft.

Lateral Bear Crawl x 25 ft. 

Broad Jump x 25ft.

Strength - 


Snatch Complex

1x Snatch Grip Deadlift

1x Hang Power Snatch

1x Hang Squat Snatch

1x Overhead Squat

In 12 attempts build to a max for the day!

WOD - 


Wallball x 30 (20/14lb.)

Snatch x 30 (75/55lb.)

Double Under x 90

15:00 AMRAP

Finisher - 


Weighted Sit Up x 12 (Dumbbell behind neck)

Superset with

Bridge x 1:00

5 minute AMRAP

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