3/6 Victory Club Workout

Warm-Up -


10 minute flow

Jump Rope x 1:00

Kip Swing x 10

Scap Push Up x 10

Bear Crawl (forward) x 10 yrd.

Bear Crawl (Backward) x 10 yrd.

Spiderman x 10 (5 Each leg)

Strength -


Deadlift complex

3x deadlift to the knee

3x deadlift from knee to hip

3x full deadlift

Rest 2:00 between each set and execute 5 sets. 

**This will be a progression we follow through March! Start light today and build as you go.



DB Hang Clean x 8 (50/35lb.)

Lunge Jump x 10

HSPU x 12

Russian twist x 16

4:00 AMRAP

Rest 2:00

X 3

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