Club Rise: Greens, Green, and Goods

Club Rise: Greens, Green, and Good Vibes.

Healthy choices are not convenient. I have four kids, three cats, a puppy, and a wife who enjoys my company. I have a full-time job with FNX, produce a podcast, and I’ve written 6 novels. Time is not on my side. The idea of preparing a healthy dinner goes out the door as soon as my taste buds start thinking about the sweet and savory flavor of some Hawaiian BBQ that could be delivered, delighted, and digested before my slab of ground beef even thaws out.

Of all the foods, vegetables are the least convenient. Clean, prep, season, cook, and then have 3 out of 4 kids give a giant thumbs down as they grimace through a piece of broccoli? No thank you. In our house, there have been more fights over Brussel Sprouts than chores. I once found pieces of asparagus underneath our couch. 


Our Rebalance Super Greens shouldn’t be a complete replacement for veggies. But they’re convenient and delicious. My kids drink them at dinner, my wife and I drink them before our morning coffee, and even my cat has enjoyed a few lap-lap-laps when I’ve left my half-drank Super Greens on the counter. My crew and I get full servings of vegetables while also promoting our gut health, digestive benefits, and essential micronutrients/antioxidants. What more can I ask for?

If this product is so great, we should be talking about it more. We should be promoting it. Figuring out ways to get it in front of people at a lower cost and easier convenience. FNX should have a program to incentivize people to build their own convenience of healthy choices.

Welcome to Club Rise.

This is a monthly subscription of FNX’s Rebalance Super Greens, 30 servings for 30 days. $38.50 per month. Like a buck and a quarter. 

You can join Club Rise just by signing up. It’s like Fight Club except without the punching, secrecy, and I don’t have enough room for you to move into my house. Actually, it’s nothing like Fight Club. 

But membership in Club Rise automatically enters you into a monthly cash drawing ($1,000 in May). That’s a pretty healthy lottery ticket if you ask me. It will also grant you discounts to partnered brands (such as TTRU Fitness, 1 month free of All-Access workout programming). It will also put you in the private community (Facebook still has its perks). And finally, you’ll get to jump on a monthly zoom call with experts in the world of health, wellness, and rising up.


Here’s the most important thing to know: Rebalance Super Greens taste great. My 3-year-old son loves them, and spinach sounds like a swear word to him. Most other greens taste like goat food, but these bring a combo of 5 cuts of grass and the 17 strain digestive enzymes with more flavor than your favorite smoothie.

Or ya know, you can just add it to your smoothie!

Interested? Click here to join Club Rise.