Don't ask for less, be more.

Everyone wants it easier. We live in a world where people chase convenience over greatness. I’m ok with that when they know what the outcome or reward looks like. My problem lies with those who seek convenience and somehow still expect greatness to be the outcome. Champions like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant (RIP Mamba), Tom Brady, Michael Phelps or even insert any self made multi millionaire, or anyone who has the freedom to do what they want when they want (financially free) all have something in common. They never once confused convenience with their pursuit of greatness. They all had the understanding that in order to be the best in the world or “Great” at anything it would take a life that actually was much more inconvenient than anything else. These successful individuals didn’t lead a life of “balance” in a ratio of equal parts family time and work time. These 1% achievers didn’t get to go to the parties and gatherings all the time and have special family vacations at the same time as the rest of their friends and family. These elites didn’t expect to live like everyone else and yet be the best in the world or live out their dreams.

Do you? You may have your head on straight. You may understand that to achieve anything worth while takes much sacrifice, hard work, tenacity, and relentless effort. But if you do, you seem like the minority to me nowadays. So many people out in our world want greatness and want success but want it 100% on their terms. They wish to have less on their plate, less stress, less work, more free time and somehow still expect more money and more reward. 


If you want the reward, I’m here to tell you that you have to do the work. You better learn to love the work. If you want to lose weight, you better commit to the counting macros and being able to sustain a caloric deficit for a specified period of time. You better be able to get to the gym and put in the volume and intensity needed to create the results you want. If you want to marry the beautiful girl then you better be able to court her properly, take her on dates, open her door, search her soul, learn about her dreams, be patient with her heart, respect her boundaries, and if you are really about that dream….wait. These are random and unrelated examples of things that take patience and hard work, hopefully you get the idea.

Don’t be someone in this world that expects more for doing less. If you want more than you have, if you want a better situation, or want to be the best, don’t ask for less… more!

Keep rising.