Your Morning Needs to Change

Alarm sounds! 

You hit snooze.

Alarm sounds again!

You hit snooze. 

Alarm is still undefeated because….adulting. 

This time you get up, falter through your morning routine that gets you out the door. Sadly due to the brain fog and fatigue that resulted in you hitting the snooze button, you now have no time for breakfast. Out the door you go, only to survive on work coffee and sugar/ carb heavy snacks around the office until lunch time. And of course, about an hour before that you experience a crash (caffeine crash) and a hunger that is better described as hangry pains. Familiar?

I really hope that is a foreign description of a morning to you, but it’s all too familiar when you talk to the masses. For this reason exactly we designed Restart. This product is here not just for damage control when things don’t go as planned in the morning, or more specifically the night before, but really to change how you perceive the morning in itself. Restart is packed with 23 grams of cold processed whey protein, natural caffeine in the form of green tea, guarana and yerba mate, as well as nootropics for brain function and focus in the form of L theanine and theobromine. In short you get to kick start your metabolism with a product that only has 2 grams of carbs, 23 grams of muscle fuel (whey) and the kind of balance between energy and focus that allows you to see sounds. Why don’t you have this yet? Or why aren’t you gifting this to every friend you have? Clearly they aren’t that close to you! (wink, wink). The enjoyment of this product has transformed the morning routine for many. Instead of stumbling out of bed and going through the motions to get out the door, they wake early excited about their first morning snack or breakfast. It provides them with energy and clarity to want to have more time for themselves to be creative, read, study, meditate and get more out of those waking minutes or hours before their time and focus is demanded of them.


If you struggle in the morning or find yourself addicted to too many coffees throughout the day, your morning needs to change. You need to Restart.